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.Lakeside Blacksmith Shop.


Lakeside Blacksmith Shop - Mr. Beamer on the left c.1900

Wallace Phillips & Ralph Gibbs c.1912

Blacksmith shop scene from the silent movie filmed in Lakeside
"Ten Million Dollars"
Lost film

Lakeside Blacksmith Shop - Tom La Madrid c.1950's

by Sr. Anna Mary Meyer - 2001

This is only as "early" as 1950 (on). I knew Tom La Madrid rather well as my blacksmith and as a friend.  He worked on many of the old Butterfield Stage Coaches to restore them to perfection and had them in many parades including the Historical Days parades in San Diego. He also restored the old covered wagons (for the same purpose) and did beautiful wrought iron work for many people who wanted it for decoration or purposeful gateways, etc.  Tom and his wife lived on the corner behind what was the Lakeside Inn (it is a shop of some sort now). Tom had a son by the name of Fred, who is now also deceased.  Tom was a hard constant worker who couldn't stand laziness -- and would easily say so!

From an obituary dated April, 1916.




Mrs. Alice Donahoo, wife of Thomas H. Donahoo of Lakeside, Cal., died suddenly at her home last Friday, March 31, 1916 . . . Mr. and Mrs. Donahoo were among the first settlers in La Mesa, living here until about three years ago, when they moved to Lakeside.  Mr. Donahoo built and operated the blacksmith now owned by Geo. L. Williams and through their large acquaintance he and his wife made a host of friends in this community.
   The deceased is survived by . . . three daughters, Mrs. C. K. Couns [Kouns] of Lakeside, Mrs. J. B. Davis and Mrs. T. A. Baugher of La mesa . . .

There is little information available about
the Blacksmith's early years in Lakeside.
If you have any information,
to fill in the gaps.

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