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.Grayson's Music Store


In 1958 Ray Grayson opened a music store at Los Coches and Maine Street. He taught two days a week for two years. The other days were spent teaching at his San Diego Store. From there he moved to Maine Street and later bought the Rocchio Building at Maine and Lakeshore, spending twelve years there. In 1966 he had over one hundred students a week studying piano, guitar, accordion and band instruments. The recitals were important events with most of the town in attendance. The auditorium would be packed. He had one teacher that was a member of the Chicago Symphony, another teacher played with the John Phillip Sousa band. He also used high school students as teachers.

Retiring in 1974, he returned in 1981, opening a store on Woodside Avenue, later moving to Maine Street where he and his son, Ray Jr., taught music..

This was Lakeside's only [and last] music store.

Mr. Grayson and Mrs. Beadle

Mr. Grayson is known for his many news columns which have appeared for more than twenty-five years in the local newspapers.

He is also quite an orator, once coming in as the second best speaker on radio. The first place went to Ronald Reagan, then Governor of California.

In 1964 and 1965 as President of the Lakeside Chamber of Commerce, he was able to up-grade the lighting on Maine Avenue; was instrumental in the paving of state highway 'Rt. 67', and, with the help of the county, corrected a flood situation at the corner of Maine and Park. He was also able to honor Florence 'Flossie' Beadle, for her 25 years of service to the community of Lakeside with a dinner held by the Chamber.


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