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Lakeside Harness & Shoe Shop



Clifford Gandyra, Lawerence Gandrya, little Mary Catherine Gandyra. c.1920's

Mr. Gandyra's Harness Shop on Maine and Laurel was a favorite 'dropping-in' place for the old-timers. To name a few, there were J. L. Laws, George Nelson, Frank Jones, Joe Schiller, and Otto Marcks. They discussed politics, psychology, religion, and farm problems. Mr. Gandyra was listened to with respect on German affairs as he was a member of the German Army from 1887 to 1890 and served under three Kaisers; the old Emperor William, who died in 1888; then Kaiser Frederick, who ruled only 90 days; and finally Kaiser Wilhelm. They called themselves the Lakeside Philosophers Club. There were no regular membership, no dues, no fees, no standard meeting time - just 'drop-in.'

In the Flood of '27 the Shop lifted off its foundation and floated away towards the setting sun. Neely Schiller is seen in this photo.

Gandyra home on Maine & Laurel. In front is where the Harness Shop stood before the flood.


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