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Lakeside Lumber & Hardware Co.


The Lakeside Hardware and Lumber Company came into existence in 1910 at the northeast corner of Maine and Laurel when Mr. W. D. Hall started it. In 1914 he sold to H. S. Kibbey and moved to El Cajon and established the W. D. Hall Lumber Co. The Lakeside Store continued its steady growth. In 1920, H. Bishop came to Lakeside and set up another Lumber Company on Maine Avenue, but it only survived one year.


Following the 20 years of ownership under Mr. Kibbey, the Company again changed hands and Mr. Miller took possession in May, 1934. Floyd L. Lake came to Lakeside in 1935 and purchased the Lakeside Hardware and Lumber Yard. He boarded with the Harvey Goodman's for about six months before his wife, Louise, and daughter, Lorraine, joined him. They had remained behind to sell the house. Mrs. Louise Lake died in 1937 in Lakeside. Mr. Lake later married Velma, and they purchased the house on Vine and Laurel and resided there for a number of years. Mrs. Condon, Mr. Wilbert Palmer, Mrs. Erman Kouns and Mrs. Helen Kanady were employees in the 1940's. Elmer Blossom was an earlier employee. 


Kibby's Lakeside Lumber and Hardware later became Lakeside Builders Supply as shown in the 1950 picture.

Lakeside Builders Store c.1950


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