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.Memorial Conceptions.


Memorial Designs - Adults

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Submitted by:
Myfanwy "Muffin" Bekker-Balajadia
La Paz Studios: Art & Design
Alpine, CA


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Submitted by:
Mona Mills, Artist and Muralist
Jamul, CA


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"Remembrances & Renewals"
Submitted by:
Linda Hughes
Lakeside, CA


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hanson2.jpg (44041 bytes)

Submitted by:
Jackie Hanson
Lakeside, CA


Memorial Designs - Children


Winter Gardens Elementary School
Lakeside , CA

Dear Lakeside Historical Society,
I read to my fourth and fifth graders the article from the Union Tribune describing your project to design a memorial to the fire victims of the Cedar Fire from Lakeside . My students would like to submit these ideas for your consideration. On the backside of each drawing they wrote of their symbolism. These students are part of the Lakeside Union School District from Winter Gardens Elementary. Good luck on your thoughtful project for the community.  

Mrs. Linda Bartolotta
Winter Gardens Teacher

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"a Fire Fighters in copper"
Aaron Dimeglio


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"Because it makes people remember this day.
Also catches the eyes attention."
Michael LeVack


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"My symbol of heart means the heart of God.
The meaning of it is that we will always belive in God."
Kassandra Merdiola


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"The reason why I made it like this is because you have a pillar and can make it into this.  Oh! On the back there are six more places for the other six names from Lakeside.  Also it will be marble.  You can make the flames glass or marble."
Ashley Hurst


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"It means that families were united but some were not.
I drew it because I think they need it"
Sara Mackey


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"real torch that they light up In the day
and put out at night"
Jasmine Hazzord


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"The fire truck is a symbol that is for the bravery of
the men that went to Lakeside to fight the fires."
Myles Palmer


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"I draw this memorial for the Cedar Fire.  This 3D picture is about the remembrance of the 15 people (12 from Lakeside) who served their live to save many houses.  I would like the stand to be marble, the cross too be marble, flags to be red, white and blue, fire hat to be red, and writing and names to be dark pacific blue, flag poles gold."
Sara C. Riley Dalphy


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"hands grabs the lives of the people in the fire."
Mariah Wilcock


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"Marble sculpture.  People can walk around it.
I drew it because it has to do with fire and firemen and names."
Taylor Bell


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"I chose this because the heart one fire means
the people have lost their loved in the fire."
Kati McMahan


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"My symbolism is a hose to show that the firefighters saved everyone except for fifteen people.  The meaning is to show that the drops from the hose is tears that the people who died relatives sorrow."
Amanda Brennan

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