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The Windmill House


Windmill House

The Windmill House stands on part of the smallest Mexican Land grant recorded in California. The tract contained 28.39 acres, and was called Cañada de Los Coches, because it was used as grazing ground for the Mission hogs. The Windmill House is on 11 acres in the middle of the grant. The grant was originally made in 1834 to Apolinaria Lorenzana who was a Mexican woman who came to San Diego in 1800 aboard an orphan ship. She was one of 11 who were left by the Mexican government in San Diego for adoption by the less than 2% white population.

History has overlooked all of those orphans except Apolinaria Lorenzana. She was well-known throughout Alta California as La Beta, closely allied with the Missions, and was a Godmother to Spanish children. Her name, Lorenzana, was given to all the foundlings sent here in 1800. It was the surname of the bishop of Mexico who sent them to the colony.

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