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  Last month I promised you a list of all the plaques the Historical Society has installed to date. I hope you'll take note of them in your travels around town -- we're proud of them!

First Community Presbyterian Church - 9906 Maine Ave.

Ferry Ranch - Palm Row

Marcella Williams Home - Channel & Julian Ave.

Castle House - Castle Court

Old Town Hall (now Manhattan Theatre) - Maine Ave.

Mary Ross Home - Maine Ave.
(plaque is on display at the Olde Community Church)

Old Women's Club Clubhouse (now Golden Goose)
- Maine & Lakeshore Dr.

Boat House - Lindo Lake Park

Lakeside's Second School - Channel & Woodside Ave.

Harlow House - Maine & Laurel St.

Railroad Depot -  Laurel & River St.

Lakeside (Lindo) Hotel - 9940 River St.

Gandyra House - Maine & Laurel St.

W. D. Hall Lumber - Maine Ave.
(plaque is located at the Rodeo Restaurant)

Einer Garage - Maine & Woodside Ave.

Harrison Garage - Maine Ave. (next to Burger King)

Einer Home - 12803 Julian Ave.

  There are 7 more "in the works," and 4 more almost ready.  I do hope you're enjoying your summer.

Pat Ellwood

  Preservation of historic sites is a never ending job.  With the building boom hitting East County old buildings are constantly threatened with demolition . . . the developers want them out of their way.  Lakeside has a large number of buildings that are over 60 years old.  When we were asked by the county to inventory old buildings within a one block area of Maine Avenue and Woodside, we were surprised that there were 101 such old buildings in a relatively small area.  Although we have lost quite a few old sites to the bulldozers in the name of "progress," we still have more than our neighboring towns of El Cajon and Santee.  Maybe it's because we yell louder and put up a bigger fight to save them.  Some folks from back East are used to seeing buildings a couple of hundred years old -- they laugh at us trying to save something only 75 years old.  Well, we have to start somewhere!  Mostly we try to educate the owners about the historic value of the old buildings and their importance to Lakeside's heritage. 

Betty McMillen

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