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Presidents Messages
Pat Ellwood and Betty McMillen, Co-Pres.

  Kathy Flannigan, a noted architectural historian is hard at work researching Lakeside's historic buildings for the County Historic Survey.  This is being funded by a Community Block Grant via Supervisor Dianne Jacob.  Kathy has been delving into the backgrounds of the structures along Maine Avenue and the small cottages on River St.  She is very excited about some of our buildings that she thinks deserve National Historical Recognition.  They include: The Olde Community Church, Second School 1911, Manhattan Playhouse (formerly Lakeside Theater and Old Town Hall), Golden Goose Coffee House (formerly Grayson Piano and Women's Club House), the Castle House, 1898, and the Lemon Crest Ranch (AKA as the Klein Ranch).
  Of course we have many wonderful old buildings on the outskirts of town that need to be on the survey.  We are not aware of some of them, but this is where you can help us.  PLEASE write down the addresses of old buildings in your neighborhood, then let us know where they are so we can take photos and get them documented.  This is a great opportunity for you to participate in this very important preservation effort.  Your help is essential to preserve Lakeside's cherished memories.  Please don't assume that someone else has told us . . . just give me a call at the History Center 561-1886 or at my home -- 443-1133.

Betty McMillen

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