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New Presidents Messages
From the desks of Pat Ellwood and Betty McMillen, Co-Pres.

  This will be a new beginning for the Lakeside Historical Society,  a different way to run the organization.  I am looking forward to being the Co-President with Pat Ellwood.  We have worked together many times on various events and this should be a great way to share the workload.  We want to include more members in our continued preservation efforts for the whole community, so let us know of any preservation information that could be of benefit to Lakeside.  Call the History Center: 561-1886.  Or me, Betty McMillen, at 443-1133.

Time To Renew Your Membership!
Marcella Williams

  Our eleventh Holiday Home Tour will soon be a memory.  But before it is put to bed in our archives, the Home Tour Committee wishes to thank everyone for attending, the volunteers for working and supplying the refreshments, and the decorations to make the Olde Church look her best.  House docents were Richard White, Virginia Mason, Gertrude Davis, Elaine Brack, Jerry Whyte, Barbara DeYoung, June Bailey, Jessie Lynch, Flo Volnaty, Monice Brown, Teresa Williams, and Judy Soule.  Thanks to Pat Ellwood for her perseverance, Dolores Meyer's kitchen magic with refreshments, Betty McMillen's wonderful floral arrangements, Peg Stewart and Olga Puhn for keeping the gift shop going all day, Donna Swink for "cementing" everything together, and John Swink for his beautiful watercolor paintings.
  A huge thank you to the homeowners for sharing their beautiful homes with us.  Many thanks to Greg and Judy Austin's unique style of living dome home; Kevin and Cindi Means beautifully furnished 1930's Spanish Colonial Hacienda; Ron and Connie Thomas's charming home loaded with wonderful woodworking and Christmas decorations; Bob and Gerrie Stoll's ranch home with old cars, antiques, old time craftsman style furnishings, and a 1940's replica service station; and  Kathryn and Joe Sullivan's desert garden, Indian artifacts and antiques.

We hope everyone had a good time!

  The home tour committee will be organizing to make plans for next year. Look for the meeting announcement sometime near the end of January. Please join us, we need your expertise and it's great fun! Mark your calendar for next year's tour -- December 1, 2001.

  2001 memberships are due January 1.  Many have already paid their $12 for single, $20 for family, or $20 for business membership's for the ensuing year.  It is  our intention to enclose your new card in the February newsletter.  If you are a Life Member you are stuck with us forever, but you will receive a new card this year (327 of our 535 members are Life Members!)
  Please pay before February 1 in order for us to update your membership.  If you are not sure, call the History Center at 561-1886; or Marcella Williams at 443-5512.
  You can also e-mail us at

This post-card shows the Lakeside Inn as being yellow,  other photos show it as white.

    Do you know the color(s) of the Inn?

Let us know by loging on to our web site, or E-Mail us at:

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