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  Not too long ago, $10,000 grant money was spent to locate and identify Lakeside's old homes and old business buildings in the historical district (Maine, River and Vine between Woodside and Mapleview) of our town.
  In due time they were put together, typed and placed in a loose-leaf binder.  I soon began checking it out.  I was overjoyed, no more pouring over LHS books of newspaper clippings, handwritten memories of people who have already passed from life, and sometimes pictures.  All I had to do now was turn to the page, look at the photo included and begin my work.  I had only worked out five homes on River Street and the old Harrison Garage on Maine when I discovered errors.  Not typographical errors, but errors of fact.  My bubble has burst.  I'm back to searching old newspaper articles and reading memories.  Slow going and the going is hard, but oh so interesting. (I must stop getting sidetracked so often!).
  Quite a few have already been approved by our Board of Directors, and have been produced and mounted on some or our old places.  I started with a home from 1873 and have reached the 1920's.  I'll try to get the list of those completed for you in the next newsletter.  I hope you'll stop and see them.
  I hope you're enjoying your summer, hot and humid though it has been so far.

Pat Ellwood

  It is always a game of catch up when it comes to preservation of our historic buildings.  Recently we heard that the old store and cottage at the corner of River Street and Laurel had been sold and the new owner wants to bulldoze them down to make way for a large metal building.  I suppose that's progress.
  This is very distressing to us preservationists who can't stand to loose anything old.  The property in question is the old Buchards Candy Store and wood shingled cottage.  According to our research, the candy store used to sell tickets and snacks to passengers of the train that came through Lakeside.
  So far our only way of fighting back is to furnish the new owner with old photos and stories of the historic site and to let them know that we really do care about the building.  So far it's worked pretty good . . . Cecil's Restaurant, the notorious Lakeside Hotel and the little Texaco Gas Station are three examples of historic buildings that were supposed to be demolished by new property owners.  Hopefully this method will continue to work for the benefit of the community of Lakeside.

    Betty McMillen

Mitchell and Veazey

We like to live in Lakeside
Where the trees meet across the street
Where you wave your hand and say
"Hello" to everyone you meet.

I like to stand for a moment
Outside the corner store
And listen to the friendly gossip of
The folks that live next door.

For life is interwoven
With the friends we learn to know
And we hear their joys and sorrows
As we daily come and go.

So I like to live in Lakeside
I care no more to roam.
For every house in Lakeside
Is more than a house, it's home.

-- from the Lakeside Star

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