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  Historical Archives - we know that someday they will be important, but we forget the importance of them now.  Some folks don't realize that we have over 300 scrapbooks filled with photos and newspaper clippings of Lakeside.
  Students, history buffs, Lakesiders and former residents come to our History Center to browse through our archives in search of information they need regarding their families, friends and homesteads.
  Recently Arlie Wolfeson, the secretary of the Lakeside Chamber of Commerce, called to see if we had any information about the Chamber . . . since they are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year.  So, I directed her to the proper cabinet.  She found that our archives had three books about the Chamber and she also was surprised that the Chamber was not 50 years old but 69!  And she even got the names of all the past presidents.  She was elated!  This new found information will be a part of their upcoming July 8 Anniversary Celebration.
  So folks, when you're cleaning out you drawers and cabinets and you run across any photos or papers about Lakeside please don't toss them in the trash, toss them our way first.  It may be a missing link to some important Lakeside event or person.

  Marcella Williams and her dedicated group of volunteers are at work on the archives cutting and pasting every Wednesday.  So, please drop by for a visit.

  Betty McMillen

To the Visionaries at the
Lakeside Historical Society . . .

We can stay in our safe little territory,
or we can take a step forward.

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