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  Work on our archives continues to go ahead thanks to Marcella Williams and her faithful crew. We're also planning a nice looking patio-porch for the old manse. Slow, because we keep trying to find a way that's not so costly!
  We still in need of a TV with a larger screen than ours. Anything 21 inches or more would be grand. We just need to use it for films with our VCR. Does anyone have one tucked away?  Please call 561-1886.
  I'm happy to tell you that every single seat is filled on our bus trip to Barona. Thanks to the Tribe, it looks like a fun-filled four hours.
  Many of us are looking forward to a vacation trip. Be careful, take care of  yourselves. Above all, enjoy.

Pat Ellwood

  Last week was NATIONAL PRESERVATION WEEK.  As a Historical Society, preservation is our job.  Fifteen years ago we started something big, we began restoring the Old Community Church on Maine Avenue, a part of town that the County labeled slum and blighted.
  We are not alone in our preservation efforts.  For the last nine years the Maine Avenue Revitalization Association has been working on the restoration and beautification of our historic district.  This organization has built new facades, painted buildings, purchased awnings and signage, swept streets, helped businesses get a face lift and even paid their rent on occasion.
  All this was accomplished with funds raised at their annual Western Street Dance and some Community Enhancement grants (which come from hotel tourist taxes).  Residents and tourists are taking notice and beginning to appreciate the quaintness of Maine Avenue.  Last week another TV personality was in town filming what looks like a remake of "Mayberry, RFD." 
  The best thing about  Maine Avenue is the variety of buildings.  We have one or two from every decade.  Two buildings date back to 1890s, one from 1905, 1910, 1915, the 20's 30's 40's 50's, 60's 70's 80's and clear up to the newest building, Payton Hardware, which was a 1990's building in the old fashioned style.

  The next time you come to Lakeside, take a stroll down Maine Avenue and see for yourself all the wonderful revitalization work that been accomplished by the Maine Avenue Revitalization Association. 

  Betty McMillen

Golf Tournament
Elaine Brack

  The Golf Committee met and has planed for a great afternoon activity at Willowbrook Golf Course.  Plus, a great barbecue dinner at the Wrangler Restaurant in El Cajon.  Anyone can come and enjoy the dinner and activities at the conclusion of the tourney.  The cost is $6 per person.  For reservations, please call me at 443-0573.

See page 5 for registration form.

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