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Pat Ellwood, Co-President

  Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow could stop some folks from heading back to their stomping grounds, back to the home town where they grew up, back to Lakeside.  They came from far and wide to see old friends and neighbors and reminisce about growing up in the small country town where they spent their childhood summers running barefoot along the shores of Lindo Lake or riding their horse bareback through the hills and river.  These were some of the stories that were being exchanged at the LAKESIDE TOWN REUNION October 28th.
  The Lakeside Historical Society hosted this dinner party for their 24th year!  It all took place at the Community Center which was generously donated by the County Parks and Recreation Department especially for the reunion.  It was a colorful, patriotic, get in your heart kind of  event.  Barona Catering had used red, white and blue to get into the theme of things and designer, Terry Callen had created decorating magic with the help of the garden club.
    Boy Scout Troop 45 marched in with the flags waving and led the guests in the pledge of allegiance. Then Co-President, Pat Ellwood, continued the patriotic feeling by telling a special story relayed from her cousin in New York City, that got the audience's attention, in fact you could hear a pin drop.  Afterwards, I, (the other Co-President,)  gave a recap of the preservation efforts the Historical Society has been working on during the year 2001.
    In between eating and visiting everyone was entertained with impromptu old fashioned music which included harmonicas, accordions and a train whistle played by Leonard Philbrook, Leland Barker and Charlie Watkins.  These 80 years plus men have been buddies since childhood, and they were having a good time playing together again, to the delight of the audience.
    Following the delicious beef and chicken dinner which was generously donated by Barona Catering, the Woman's Club of Lakeside raffled off their hand stitched quilt that they had been working on for a couple of years. Barbara Whitlock and Elaine Brack headed up the stitchers and they had a story to tell about it.  Seems as though Virginia McGuinnes had started but never finished the quilt quite a few years ago.  After she passed away her hubby, Charlie,  found the squares and donated them back to the ladies.  They decided to start a weekly quilting bee to get the quilt finished...then they appropriately named it "Virginia's  Friendship Quilt".  The lucky quilt winner was Mary Dillon from Poway.

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  When Betty and I began our 2001 CO-presidency year we divided the months.  This month, is my last time. Betty will be in charge for December.
  I'd like to tell you how much I have appreciated working for you. There wasn't a cross word from anyone all year long. That speaks highly of the membership of the Lakeside Historical Society. They're really good people.
  I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and hope that you will sit down to dinner surrounded by your families.  Nothing could be better.
  Thanks for my good 2001.

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