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Papers From The Past:
How Times Have Changed
Betty McMillen, Co-President

  In 1992, a group of Woman's Club members decided to hold a quilting class.  Fifteen of those ladies, including Virginia McGuinness, decided to make a Friendship quilt. Each of the ladies made 15 squares.  When these were completed, each lady selected one square from each of the fifteen.  Five or six years later, Virginia McGuinness died -- we miss her.  After her death her husband, Charlie, came across Virginia's squares and gave them back to the Woman's Club.  Then began a process which lasted, off and on, for two years to turn the squares into a quilt.  Fiorst, Maggie Peterson stitched them all together.  The back and the padding were added and at last the quilt was attached to a large quilting from at the Olde Church.  Barbara Whitlock was the driving force that organized the actual quilting process.  For about a month last summer, ladies from the Woman's Club, the Historical Society and anyone else who was interested, came each Thursday to work on the final stage -- the actual quilting.
  It must have been very similar to a quilting bee of long ago -- ladies making small, perfect stitches while talking about their families, the latest news (it used to be word of mouth, now it's on TV) as well as the local happenings around Lakeside.  After a month, or so, the quilt was finished.  It was decided to give it to the Lakeside Historical Society where Virginia had been a much liked member.
  This is the quilt which will be raffled off October 28th at the Home Town Reunion dinner.  The raffle tickets are on sale now at the store and they will be on sale at the dinner (October 28) at 6 for $5.00, or $1.00 each.
It's a good way to remember Virginia.  It's a good way to remember friendship.  It's a good way to help the Lakeside Historical Society raise the money needed to record, protect and preserve Lakeside's history.

  We recently received a stack of 1966 and 1967 Lakeside News newspapers from Tonya Head.  It was fun going through them to see old photos of Lakeside friends.
  Some of the advertising was interesting too, such as: Barker & Sons Market - pork roast 59 cents, peanut butter 59 cents.  Rocky Home Dairy - eggs 39 cents, 1/2 gallon of ice cream 59 cents.  Glenview Supply - paint $5.39 gallon.  Payton Hardware - ironing board $4.88, lawn mower $14.88.  Lakeside Department Store - yardage two yards for $1.00. Men's shoes $10.00.  Lakeside Theater - adults 50 cents, children 25 cents.  Lakeside Feed Store - baby chicks for only 18 cents.
  Don't forget to donate or loan your old papers, photos and stuff to our History Center.  Future generations will appreciate it -- and so will we!

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