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Old Town Hall Memories
Bob Carlile

   I have some fond memories of the "Old Town Hall' which are circa 1940, considerably before the Kersave family converted it into a movie theatre. I was a little kid, perhaps 11 or 12. I and some of my friends, probably Bob Condon or Leonard Wessels, found a secret entrance into the town hall.
  At the time it was vacant--the door was padlocked and all other doors were locked tight. You could look in through small panes of glass in the padlocked front door that opened onto Maine St. and see a vast expanse of hardwood floor with a stage at the far end--a great place for kids to run and have a great time if only we knew how to get in.
  The locked doors presented a challenge. There must be someway to get in. In the back of the building, we discovered a crawl space just big enough for us to squeeze through. Inside we found ourselves in a large dark but roomy chamber under the stage. Here we

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