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  For the members who attended the January General Meeting, it was a real treat to see and hear Ira Lack describe his Confederate uniform and gear in detail.  From his "Johnny Reb" cap to his "hobnailed" shoes, everything was authentic from the Civil War era.  This presentation was the first of this year's exciting lineup of programs at our Monday evening general meetings.  The meetings are always held on the fourth Monday of each month (except July and August) starting at 7:00.
  At this month's meeting, we will be led down the path of Lakeside's past by local columnist and lifelong area resident Regis Rosner.  Sharing with us what it was like to grow-up in this area during the 40's and 50's, Regis's whimsical renditions are sure to make this evening a delightful event to be remembered always.  Also at this meeting will be our first fundraiser this year with Chicken Pot Pie and all the trimmings.  The price for dinner is only $6.00, so bring your family and friends.  Please be sure to make reservations by February 16th so we can order enough pies for everyone.  Give us a call at (619) 561-1886 and leave a message.  Proceeds will benefit the opening our new museum in the old Manse.
  The March program will be "A Step Back in Time: The British in Boston" presented by one of our members, Patricia Ellwood.  Pat is a retired schoolteacher with a superb background in American history.  Be sure to mark your calendar for March 24th . . . see you there!

Confederate soldier Ira Lack

Olde Town Hall - Lakeside Theater & Manhattan Theater
Betty McMillen

  Once again one of our historic buildings is being threatened. Our Old Town Hall which was built in 1911 is for sale. Any time an old building goes up for sale it is threatened because the new owners usually want to tear them down to make way for apartments or parking  lots . . . I guess that's progress, at least in their eyes.
  This past year the Historical Society was studying the feasibility of purchasing the old theater, we didn't have any success.  Later the Maine Avenue Revitalization Association was also trying to rent the building with the option to purchase it.  The idea is being to keep live entertainment going in there and to apply for grants to restore it

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