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Annual LHS Golf Tourney (Maybe)
Bob Gore

  If this seems like a strange opening to an announcement your probably right. Last year at this annual event we announced that unless we had member's step forward and volunteer there services, that this would be the last tournament to raise funding for the Scholarship and Restoration Funds.  We are down to two people to do everything.  This seems impossible?  No, it's true and we CANNOT put this event on and have any success with only two people.  So members, this is the bottom line.  Unless six to eight members step forward and commit some of there time to this event, we WILL NOT put the tournament on.  Let me explain something, you don't need to know the difference between a tee and a ball.  What we need is people who can do at least two mailings, make personal calls on perspective sponsors (very important), and will be available the day of the Friday, June 27th.  There duties would include helping with registration at least two-to-four to sell opportunity tickets for the drawing, both at the time of registration and at the luncheon; two to help direct the players to the dining area after the Tournament; two-to-four people to help clean up the hall after the luncheon.  If we decide to have refreshments for the golfers, we need two or three persons to sell the refreshments.
  So it's all up to you, we've done our part for nine years . . . now it's time for you to step forward. Please contact Bob Gore, Tournament Chairman, at (619) 443-5994, or Elaine Brack at (619) 443-0573.  We need your commitment by January 31, 2003, as our first mailing is to go out in February.

Waterfowl Removal At Lindo Lake
Betty McMillen

  I went down to Lindo Lake fully expecting to see a bunch of men in orange suits chasing around the poor ducks and a bunch of angry animal rights activists madder en hell chasing the men in the orange suits. It wasn't like that at all and therefore I don't have much of a story. All was quiet on the lakefront. The company hired by the County Parks Department had used nets and put food with tranquilizers in it. The ducks ate it, went to sleep and then were relocated. Not at all like the fiasco that Project Wildlife created a few years ago when they were out there trying to capture a bunch of upset, and smart, ducks. 

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