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  The San Diego River Park - Lakeside Conservancy had a groundbreaking ceremony on February 25, 2003.  The site of the event was the Hansen Aggregate property on Channel Road, (formerly Nelson Sloan) right next to the river.  You may not know that Hansen has donated 25 acres of land for the River Park.
  World famous artist, James Hubbell, has designed a sculpture that will be built on the Channel Road property.  It depicts a great Heron, with wings spread and head bowed down toward a pond of fish.  Large rocks and boulders will be a part of the art feature.  Eventually this property will be the site of a Visitor and Nature Center for all of Lakeside to enjoy.
  Meanwhile a County Trails system is being developed for the River Park.  Lakeside residents were asked to contribute ideas and needs for the trails.  Our riders and hikers had a lot of great thoughts that were sent directly to the persons in charge of designing trails.
  Coming on May 3rd, the San Diego River Park - Lakeside Conservancy will be hosting a grand opening of sorts.  "The Beginning of the River Park" event is being planned and the whole community is invited to join in and celebrate the beginning of Lakeside's River Park.  Mark your calendars so you won't forget.
  If you have questions about the River Park plans, or if you would like to offer your assistance as a volunteer, just call the Conservancy office at (619) 443-4770.

Groundbreaking ceremoney - February 28, 2003

LHS Western Breakfast April 26th

  It's once again time for Lakeside's Western Days and the Lakeside Historical Society's Annual Western Breakfast.  The breakfast will be served at Lakeside's Olde Community Church (9906 Maine Avenue) beginning at 7:00 AM.  The breakfast will continue to be served until 10:30 AM while the Western Day Parade slowly passes by this historic monument.  The cost of this feast is only a reasonable $5.00.  You can pre-purchase your tickets at the History Center located behind the Olde Community Church on or before April 24th (tickets will also be available at the door on the 26th).  If you need directions, please call us at 561-1886 Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.
  Again, this year we we can really use your help.  We need:

  • Flowers -- not too tall and enough for 15-20 tables in small vases.

  • Help on Friday to help set-up tables, etc.  This should take about an hour.  We will agree on a time to meet later.

  • Cooks

  • 2 servers

  • 3 waiters/waitresses

  • Help with clean-up at around 11:00 AM

  With enough volunteers, we can all work two hour      shifts the day of the breakfast.
  If you are interested in donating a little bit of your time to this fundraiser that benefits our society's missions, please call Ray Whitlock at 561-2028.  Or, e-mail us at i  Your help will be appreciated very much!

World famous artist James Hubbell sits on the right, and next to him is the River Park Conservency's founder and board member Michael Beck.

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