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Four Ladies And A Prince
Pat Ellwood

  The Chamber of Commerce has sponsored the Western Days Parade since 1939. The 65th parade will happen again on April 24, 2004.
  This year the Lakeside Historical Society has something special as our entry. Four ladies and a horse named Prince.  The ladies are Eileen Carrender, her twin sister Lucille Landis, Edna Kouns and Marcella Williams. Together they represent 288 years of living in Lakeside. They remember the flood of 1916, which occurred when Mr. Hatfield mixed his chemicals and they drifted skyward until they met the clouds causing enough rain to wash out a good part of Lakeside.  They remember, too, the flood of 1927 when homes were washed out again and the Town Hall provided shelter for the people until the waters receded.  They can easily call to mind when 10 trains a day came into Lakeside and unloaded freight onto horse-drawn wagons for the 12 hour trip to Julian and the gold mines. They remember the beautiful Inn where train passengers came to spend their vacations.  They can also remember when the high school which served Lakeside was in Grossmont. Most of all, they remember when only a few cars passed along Maine Avenue and they even remember when there were no traffic lights here!
  They'll be carried in a carriage provided by Carriages of San Diego and driven by owner Heather Parker (with Julie Tewalt). Both are members of the Society.
  The horse? His name is Prince and he himself is something of an old-timer in the area. Fitting, don't you think?

It's springtime in the new Lakeside Museum's garden!
Read more about the Museum and its garden on page 3.

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