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President’s Message
Richard White

   I hope that every one is having a wonderful summer. Next month we have a very special line-up of great food and entertainment for you at our September 27th General Meeting at Lakeside’s Olde Community Church. For starters, there will be a sensational Lasagna dinner with all the trimmings and a special authentic Italian dessert. Following dinner will be a presentation on one family’s Mormon history and genealogy. Also there will be an "Olde Tools Show-and-Tell," so be sure to bring your favorite old tool to share. All of this for only $9 per person; imagine that!

   To keep our members informed, as a result of last month's article entitled "Ennis Threatens Society," I have received a letter from Mr. Ennis via his attorney, threatening litigation against me and the Society for defamation, and listing other demands. If any LHS member would like to know the details, you may view the letter on our web site. Or, send a SASE to: Ennis letter, Lakeside Historical Society, 9906 Maine Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040.  Many thanks to those who are giving and have given their support for my stand against the opposition.

  Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent letters and emails to Supervisor Dianne Jacob to voice their support of our decision to have Janis Shackelford represent the LHS on the Lakeside Design Review Board.  On Tuesday, August 3, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors made a decision and appointed Janis to our seat #5 on the Design Review Board.  She will represent the LHS for the next two years.

The Journey To
"Rancho Neveragaindy"
Told by daughter, Chris Herzog

  Born May 10, 1910 in Kellogg, Idaho, Marguerite Audrey Peterson was the first-born child of Bertie and Bertha (Vanness) Peterson, and sister to Cleo Adele Peterson and Thelma Beverly Peterson.
  Spending her childhood moving from place to place, taught Marguerite to adapt to new situations, and the value of a stable home.  Her teen years were spent in Michigan, attending Redford High School, and working at her Aunt and Uncle's soda fountain to help them out. After graduation in 1929, she attended Burroughs Bookkeeping
Business School and was able to find work at one of the two banks in Detroit that did not fail in 1930 depression.
  Living the next few years in and around Detroit, Marguerite eventually met Ted Sherman, her partner in life.  In February 1934 they were married and immediately made plans to travel west.  Quitting a good paying job in July 1935, they began a three-year journey across North America pulling their homemade trailer, built by Ted, with their faithful 1929 Oldsmobile.  They were stopped many times by strangers curious about the trailer.
  Driving mostly on dirt roads and before the interstate highway system, they saw all of the National Parks before there were entry fees or organized camp grounds and Mt. Rushmore with only three presidents.  They were invited by the Navajo Indians to camp with them during pow-wow; saw the building of Bolder Dam; picked apples for 3 cents a box and stayed in the orchards and forests rent free; hunted pheasant, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge when it first opened; Fished for abalone, salmon, clams and lobster without need of a license.  After traveling across the US, they liked the weather in San Diego the best. It was 1940 and if they could get work, they would stay.
  Spending the early war years living in a trailer camp in Pacific Beach, San Diego, the Shermans eventually needed more room now with a family of two kids, so they looked to rural Lakeside for a bigger place.  They asked the local mailman in Lakeside, Hart Dunham, if he knew of any property for sale and he took them to a rustic hilltop cabin in an avocado grove in the Winter Greens area of Lakeside.  In 1944 they moved in, jokingly nicknaming the property "Rancho Neveragaindy", and this became the family home for the next 60 years.

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