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  The very essence of the Lakeside Historical Society has been threatened and I feel that it is my duty as your President to inform you.  On July 8, 2004, Chad Ennis, elected member of the Lakeside Planning Group, head of the East County Property Owners Association (ECPOA), and the owner of the unsightly land in the north Moreno Valley, threatened us with a hostile takeover if his demands are not met.  His demands are, "If you do not select another person for the Design Review Board, I will come in and take over the Historical Society . . . it may take a couple years, but I will do it."
  The Lakeside Design Review Board (LDRB) is a group of seven members that is responsible for checking the construction plans for commercial buildings in Lakeside for compliance to the Lakeside Design Guidelines.  These guidelines were created by the citizens of Lakeside in 1989 to insure that future commercial growth in our town would not be unsightly like it had been in the past.  Our Society was granted one seat, Seat 5, on this board by the County Board of Supervisors.
  On May 15, 2004, the Lakeside Historical Society's Board of Directors nominated Janis Shackelford to represent us by her filling Seat 5.  She was chosen because she represents the Society's view on preservation, and she has served our community well for many years.  Also, Janis had previously served on the LDRB for many years representing the Lakeside Planning Group.
  Once our nomination is made, a letter is sent to our County Supervisor, Dianne Jacob, to inform her of our decision.  The nomination is then placed on the Supervisor's agenda for action.  When our nomination came up at the Board of Supervisors meeting, Ennis's group was there to try to block the appointment of Janis to the LDRB.  We did not expect this opposition, so there was none there to speak in favor of our nomination.  Because of this one-sided attack, Mrs. Jacob tabled this item to a later date so that both sides could be heard.
  Shortly after this meeting, Mary Allison, representing ECPOA, paid the Society for two Life Memberships; one for Chad Ennis, and the other for his wife.  This was most likely done so that Mr. Ennis could attempt to fulfill his second threat.  Chad stated that he will be at the County Board of Supervisors meeting when our nomination is once again on the agenda, and he will demand that he be placed on the LDRB to represent the Historical Society instead of our selection.

...Chad Ennis is a bully and must be stopped. Like in W.W.II, bullies arose to dictate their will upon others by force and invasion; so it is now in our town. Then it was the will of the American people to stop the bullies from Germany and Italy at all costs; so now we must fight to defend our rights at home. We as free Americans will not tolerate this kind of intimidation; so this is that we must do. We must stand together to stop this bully, and his followers, from forcing their will upon us. We must support our nomination of Janis Shackelford, and not allow these industrialists to create a Lakeside that will look like the Ennis holdings in Moreno Valley.
  Here is how you can help to win this battle and show the County Board of Supervisors that you will not allow this type of intimidation. To express your support of our nominee, Janis Shackelford, to the Lakeside Design Review Board, please contact Dianne Jacob by one, or all, of  the following methods:
PHONE: 619.531.5522
Dianne Jacob, Supervisor - District 2
County Board of Supervisors

1600 Pacific Highway
San Diego, California 92101

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