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Volunteers Needed!
LHS Board of Directors

  All of us have had a great sadness of the loss of close friends who were the "key" to making our Society run smoothly.  Now it is time for other members to step-up to fill these voids . . . we need volunteers very badly to help fill these voids right NOW!
  There is a great need for volunteers to share the workload.  Volunteering just a few hours in the store and/or museum, or doing a little of the never-ending maintenance for our Society's facilities, will help us all.  Even if it's only once a month it would be greatly appreciated.
  Listed below are some of the immediate needs, but there is still much more that is needed to be done.

  • Store docents

  • Museum docents

  • Gardening

  • Painting

  • Clean kitchen (i.e. stoves, refrigerators, fans, etc.)

  • Fix foundation of Museum

  • Fix drainage problem

  • Clean and maintain gutters

  • Weeding

  • Paint iron fence

  • Repair sprinkler system

  • Fix fences behind buildings

  • Restore El Capitan Dam Commemoration monument and stand upright

  • Cooking

  • Chairmanship

  Help us continue to have a great Society by volunteering.  Please contact Edna Kouns at 561-1190, Elaine Brack at 443-0573, or Chris Herzog at 561-0376.
  "By being a volunteer you can help yourself and your community become aware of the great history we all share . . . your Historical Society."

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