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The Bostonia House
Betty McMillen, Vice-President

  Well the Bostonia house and barn finally got moved to Lakeside to be put in storage at Enniss Storage Yard.  The barn was moved Thursday and the house went Friday.
  It was like a parade through town, business people along Greenfield Drive and Winter Gardens Boulevard came out to watch the action. Mothers brought their kids out to watch the parade.
  Several pilot trucks with flashing lights were in front and behind the buildings.  Workers were on top of the roof to guide the power lines and trees away from the house as much as possible.  There was a lot of yelling between the walkers and drivers and roof guys.  I was following along behind taking pictures and handing out Historical Society news letters that told the history of the house and about its future in a Heritage Village (Bettyville).
  They had a flat tire after only two blocks so that held them up a while, changing a tire under a house is hard to do.
  I was interviewed by three TV stations and the Union Tribune.  The TV spots were so short I didn't get time to put in a tape . . . less than 1/2 minute . . . there goes my fame. The UT may publish something on Saturday . . . if it is a slow news day our barn and house may get some space.
  Some folks really get mad at having to wait for a big old barn to go lumbering down the street.  The gamblers heading to Barona were especially upset.  It was amazing how the truck driver pulling the building could get those roofs to go between stop lights and around signs and barriers in the roadway.  There were a lot of traffic control guys and they took some verbal abuse, but were in pretty good mood after the day was done.
  Chad Enniss and George Barnard were at the storage yard to say where the buildings would be parked.  I plan to hang some banners on them to say something about being saved by Lakeside River Park Conservancy and the Lakeside Historical Society for the future Heritage Village in the new San Diego River Park.

February 28 Meeting Speaker

  E-CLAMPUS VITUS - the San Diego and Imperial County Chapter #1853 will be the guest speakers at our February 28 meeting beginning at 7:00 PM.
  E-Clampus Vitus is an organization interested in preserving history by building markers at historical sites. The markers are usually brass plaques installed in rock or brick foundations.
  Lakesider, Douglas Teasley, and a few of his club members, will show us color slides of some of their work and will be telling us the history of their organization which was founded in the 1840s. They are an all volunteer organization.
  Afterwards there will be a brief business meeting followed by refreshments. Bring a friend and enjoy some historical enlightenment.

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