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Christmas at the Little Church
Elaine Brack

  When the Christmas Season came in with a bang, so did the visitors at the Olde Community Church and Museum. The first two weeks of December had so many visitors that it was hard to believe. The activities began with the decoration of the buildings and then it all began. Christmas on Maine on Friday night with a hot dog dinner, the lighting of the Christmas lights on the community Christmas tree and the arrival of Santa in our court yard started the flow of visitors. The Home Tour began the very next day with a big party closing the Tour in the little Church.
  Then, with a bang on Thursday morning at 8:30, began the first tour of local school children with the conclusion on the following Wednesday at around 1:00 P.M. At the end of the tours we counted that at least 1300 school children and parents had visited the little Church and the Museum.
  Thank you to all those who volunteered as docents at the little Church and the Museum. If you are interested in volunteering next year for these exciting planned tours for the school children, please contact Elaine Brack at 443-0573.

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