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  During July and August we do not have general membership meetings. Many people leave town for the summer, and those who stay around have their minds on the beach, barbeque, or a breezy hammock somewhere in the shade. So rest up because we need you all back with us for our meetings, Heritage Day luncheon October 22, and the Holiday Home Tour December 2.
  That's not to say things will be quiet around the historical society.  We will have board meetings July 21, and August 25, and a huge yard sale is scheduled for August 5 on the property at Maine and Parkside -- donations are wanted now. The Museum will continue to be open on the weekends 11-3:00, and the history center will be open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 10-2:00.
  Author Leland Fetzer told us about Alta, and many other curiosities at our May 22 general meeting, "San Diego County Place Names A to Z".  We are still wanting to know where the name "Johnstown" came from . . . anyone?
  Where in the heck is Alta? (Span. "high") It was a station on the San Diego, Cuyamaca & Eastern Railroad, named for the Alta Ranch near today's Grossmont Summit.  In1892 Hervey Parke (of the pharmaceutical firm Parke, Davis) bought 600 acres there to raise citrus, naming it the Alta Ranch.  It had a railroad siding, many structures, and a pond which survives today at Anthony's Restaurant. After Ed Fletcher and William B. Gross developed the Alta and Villa Caro Ranches the Alta Station was renamed Grossmont in 1913.
  On May 28, 18 of us carpooled to Sherman Heights Victorian neighborhood in San Diego. V.P. Betty McMillen organized the walking tour, guided by Louise Torino, and afterwards we went out to lunch.  Thank you Betty, it was a great trip.
  Member's show and tell was the June 23 general meeting program. Betty McMillen shared an arrow and a leather sling shot she made during several weekends of a "survivor" course she took -- admitting her instructor was the unintended target of her sling-shot. Regis Rosner shared photos and experience with the flood of 1978 in Lakeside. Cathy Hansen told about a glass negative, and rare photos of the interior of the grand old Lakeside Inn, and a camera dated to 1890, possibly like the one the "The Tramp Photographer" Charles Petty used on his tour around San Diego County, Lakeside included. Carla Weber took great interest in the sheepskin vellum document

dated 1718 that was shared. It is written in old English and very hard to read. These "Sheepskins" conferred some type of privilege, honor, or power, and also known as a diploma.  Traditionally, in June many graduates earn their "sheepskins" . . . and now you know the rest of the story. Carla will be researching this item for the Museum.
  So if you weren't there, you missed out. But you can plan now for the September 25 general meeting, starting the season with a "50's" theme car show and spaghetti dinner fundraiser. $10.00 will hold your reservation. Be there or be square.

Yard Sale Fundraiser In August

  We're having a yard sale and we need your donations. Please bring your goodies to Lakeside's Olde Community Church (Historical Society) during JULY. We plan to have our yard sale on August 4 and 5.
  Dishes, household items, tools, antiques, collectibles and small furniture are great sellers. You would be surprised to see what folks will buy when the price is right!
  We also need volunteer workers to help us organize, price and sell our stuff. It is a lot of fun for the workers and shoppers. Pass this information along to your friends.
  Call the History Center at 561-1886, or Betty McMillen at 443-1133, for information.

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