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  Like an old Model 'T' that shimmies and shakes when it's first started up, so it has been for this society's administration since January of this year. All of us have been learning our jobs and along the way fine tuning things a little in an effort to make our "engine" run a little smoother.
  So, as the pace accelerates at the society, let me break for a moment to say thank you to the board members and volunteers for doing such a good job, and to the membership for your donations and support.
  Besides gardening, coordinating the wedding and meeting calendar, and working in the gift shop, cleaning and reorganizing the office and kitchen has been Nita Padilla's passion this past month. She has made a clean work surface out of the desk, uncovered and moved a bookshelf of forgotten old books into the shop, and resurrected a framed photo of old Lakeside before the Cork Elm trees. Everything in the kitchen is now in neat stackable bins easy to see making for quick decisions and easy use.  Thank you.
  Webmaster, Richard White, brought us news that CBS TV network saw a photo c.1918 classroom of students in our one-room Lakeside School house on our website that they would like to use in the TV series "The 4400."  Thanks to Richard's contact and follow through, Lakeside will have a brief moment of fame on that TV program.  Richard also reports that we have had 8,000 visits to our web site, and we appreciate his talents in this area and in publishing the newsletter, making us almost world famous.
  Sylvia Sturges will be taking over the job of Memorials Chairman for Edna Kouns, and Roberta Callaway and Mary Neal are rounding up the archiving staff and membership tasks performed so efficiently by Marcella Williams. Edna and Marcella, you have been faithful volunteer workers and leaders since the inception of this organization and we can only hope we will live up to your expectations in the future.
  Thank you to the kitchen staff and waitresses for putting on a great meal for the Western Days breakfast fundraiser on April 22. Also, thanks to Norm and Esther Croteau for organizing the arts and crafts show in the patio. The day's festivities brought many visitors to the museum, also.
  Preliminary plans for Heritage/Hometown Reunion luncheon October 22 (yes, I said October) are under way.

The December 2nd. Holiday Home Tour Committee is gathering homes, and the Museum Committee have plans for their holiday displays in the museum. So mark your calendars, because it will be here before you know it.
  Our next board meeting is May 19 at 9:30 AM, and the general meeting is May 22 at 7:00 PM. Come and see me on Fridays at the History Center and I will give you the pick of the jobs just right for your "hands" (work gloves included).

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