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  It's been a real busy two months at the Lakeside Historical Society and I am always amazed at how many ways the old church can be transformed for the activities.
  If you didn't get to the Children's Art Show sponsored by the Woman's Club of Lakeside on Feb. 2nd and 3rd in the old church there is another opportunity. The first place winning art work will be displayed in the Museum over the month of April. Come and see the talents of these special students.
  We had our own Academy Awards film presentation at the February Society meeting.  It was "Movie Night", where we revisited the silent movie era film making in Lakeside.  Background:  In 1895 an early film maker remarked to his brother about movies: "This movie invention can be exploited only for a certain time as a scientific curiosity. Apart from that, it has no commercial future whatsoever." (Ha, little did he know). These experimental movie ventures continued on for some years as common, silly entertainment, and later, during the short span of the nickelodeon craze (1905 to 1909) moviegoers were even considered to be low class. Well, to make any money, the theatre owners figured they would need a patron of higher class -- in terms of income, that is. By 1910 movie theatre owners had taken direct aim on the emerging American middle class and with them would create the most profitable mass entertainment industry in the history of the United States.  The two short silent movies we watched, that were filme in Lakeside, were made for the new Middle America audience. A predictable plot, complete with villain and heroin, begged for us (the audience) do all the cheering, clapping and filling in of the dialogue . . . great fun.
  The 23rd annual Quilt Show in March, again produced by the Woman's Club of Lakeside, was outstanding filling the old church with a kaleidoscope of quilt patterns, colors and sewing talents. The 2 day event brought many visitors for lunch in the gift shop, and to the Museum. By the way, The Woman's Club also just celebrated their 97 year anniversary of community service since 1910. Congratulations!
  And last week's Chicken Pot Pie dinner meeting was a "home run" success. Take me out to the ballgame was the theme.  Spring time brings lots of things to think about, but for sure baseball is at the top of the list for millions of fans. Over a hundred people turned out to hear guest speaker Andy Strasberg tell about his life experiences and love of the game of baseball and everything connected with it. He was great. We thank Jill Ogilvie coordinator of the Miss Lakeside Pageant, Becky Shore Miss Teen Lakeside, and

Kylene Parks Miss Teen Lakeside Princess for taking part by helping serve dinner and attending to the drawings. Many thanks to Eileen Carrender and Roberta Callaway for their wonderful display of baseball memorabilia; and, as always, huge thank yous to the hard working kitchen crew Janis Shackelford, Barbara DeYoung, Barbara Pruyne, Nancy Nowka, Margaret and Fred Tuitel, Nita Padilla, Betty and Rod McMillan, Roberta Callaway, and company, for producing our dinner.
  April brings the regular meeting on the 23rd, topic: Foster Train Station which once existed where San Vicente Dam now stands. In view of the re-construction of San Vicente Dam and the impact it will have on Lakeside area, we are interested in documenting the history of Foster Town and the ruins before it disappears entirely. Also, April 28 is Western Days -- don't forget the parade at 9:30 and have breakfast at the Historical Society from 7:00 - 11:00 a.m. Until then . . . happy trails!

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