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  Time is flying with meetings, repairs to our buildings and grounds, and plans for several activities for September and the fall. Check out the calendar printed in the newsletter so you don't miss out.
  Lakeside Heritage Days coming in October: This year, the Lakeside Hometown Reunion Dinner will be on Saturday, October 27, 1 - 4:00 p.m. at the Historical Society.
We will be celebrating 30 years of the organization of the Lakeside Historical Society, so we need all of our members for the party--it's all about you.  And, Sunday, October 28, 9-3:00 p.m., will be the Lakeside Speedway Centennial - Barney Oldfield vintage "car race" at Lindo Park. This is a once-in-a lifetime event 1907 - 2007, an old-fashioned day in the park. Costumes encouraged.
  Also, save December 1, 2007, Saturday, for another great Holiday Home Tour. This year chairman Dolores Gruner will showcase homes in the El Monte Valley area, and a reception afterwards at the Historical Society. Stay tuned.
  Noah Tafolla, mastermind of Wonderland, a T.V. program about the histories of the many small towns around San Diego County, visited Lakeside during Western Days to make a video about our town to add to the series. The Lakeside video was played on KPBS during the month of May, garnering good publicity for the Historical Society and Lakeside. DVDs are for sale at the History Center store for $15.00 if you didn't catch it on T.V., and makes a good gift for out of town members and family -- Christmas is coming.
  The historical society tour adventures have been fun. Some of our members went to glamorous Palm Springs in May to see the Palm Springs Follies and dine among the stars. In June, seventeen members traveled to Fillmore (north of LA) for the Fillmore and Western luncheon train trip. They reported it reminiscent of old days in  Lakeside, as they visited towns with unique restored old buildings (Betty McMillen's passion), the orange groves and packing sheds, slow pace -- did I mention food? -- always good food. The next trip planned is the Historic Trains of the Southwest scheduled for November 4th, several train and old west attractions around Arizona. Thank you to our members who participated, and thank you so much to Wanderlust Travel for organizing the tours and donating a portion of the proceeds to the Lakeside Historical Society building restoration fund. Where would you like to go? Let us know as future trips are being planned.
  The Museum docents were extremely busy June and July giving demonstrations and tours of the old church and museum to our Lakeside School students, the Girl

Scouts, and other groups. This is a dedicated group of volunteers and without their time would not be able to display and share the Historical Society collections and archives. Many thanks to these docents as they are our goodwill ambassadors to the public. For any one who likes to talk, dress in costume, learn Lakeside history, organize artifacts and displays, come to the Historical Society 9:30 a.m. on Thursdays and join the museum committee.
  The driveway and yard at the Society was torn up for a while to engineer for water run-off and re-paving  -- a complicated job overseen by Elaine Brack and a good contractor. Member Nita Padilla (the Energizer Bunny-gardener) has been replanting the flower beds and rearranging the "yard sculptures" to make the place look even better -- Thank You ladies for your extra time. And, looking better are the stained glass windows in the church, which continue to be a target for vandals. We had bought extra glass from the last time they were fixed making this repair manageable. We're looking into a system to protect the windows.
  September 7th and 8th will be another famous yard sale to benefit the Historical Society. The roof needs repair this year, so it's fundraising time again. Donations are being accepted now, and you can bring items to the History Center 10 - 2:00 p.m. or call 561-1886 for arrangements.
  September 24th will be our "welcome back" general meeting offering a delicious spaghetti dinner at 6:00, and a program about John Gay, the last owner of the famous Lakeside Inn. I look forward to seeing you all then and hearing about your summer travels. That's how we get new ideas for the Society by hearing from you what other communities are doing.

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