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President's Message
Chris Herzog, President

   This time of year out-of-towners marvel at our beautiful San Diego County weather, but these days it seems to be our demise. Instead of enjoying the bright, shinny, clear, dry days along with the visitors, I have uneasiness about this special weather that happens from October thru January knowing itís potential for destruction. Hot or cold, the Santa Ana weather condition is a season of caution that looms until the rains come.

The ravenous wild fires that took our county last month did not confine themselves to the back country; its power also pushed into the dense urban populations taking many homes and some historic structures. The Lakeside Historical Society board and members are saddened by these losses and understand the pain many folks will have to endure to rebuild their lives. How terrible it would be for us to lose our beautiful historic Old Community Church and the Manse to the fires. We can breathe a sigh of relief that we once again escaped the destruction. A damage survey on the historic resources is being done for the county and will be shared when we know the news.

The 30th Annual Heritage Day Dinner was a welcome relief from the fire activity. There were 130 reservations causing the old church to bulge with old friends and good conversation, all enjoying the buffet luncheon by Cupidís Catering. The Museum was open all day and there were special displays in the patio with photos reminiscing the organizing of the Historical Society and honoring the charter members and many volunteers who have brought the organization to itís present day status. Chairman Dixie Lansdowne thanked the members for their hard work over the years and recalled those special volunteers who have passed on. Many thanks to our members and guests for attending and for your generosity and support. It was a good day, Dixie, thank you.

Our November general meeting was an exceptionally good potluck lending a comfortable atmosphere for productive discussion on:

1. Our Newsletter: If you have the capability, would you prefer to receive it through email, instead of U.S. Mail.

2. Future meetings: Would you consider moving the general meeting day to Saturday (instead of Monday nights); and also eliminate one of the winter monthís general meetings.

We would like feedback from the membership about this for planning for next year. Call, write, send smoke signals, we need to know if these possible changes make a difference to you.

Also, the new officers for 2008 were elected: Co-presidents - Janis Shackelford and Dixie Lansdowne; Vice

President/Programs - Betty McMillen & committee; Recording Secretary - Nita Padilla; Treasurer - Gordon Shackelford. After a budget and planning meeting, they will start work January, 2008.
  The evening was so well received, it was voted to have our December 10th general meeting also be a potluck.  So please bring your favorite dish and join in to welcome the new officers and thank the current board for their outstanding service. 6:00 p.m. Monday December 10th.
  Don't forget November 30th Spirit of Christmas on Maine Avenue, 4-8:00 p.m., music and tree lighting; and our annual Holiday Home Tour on December 1st, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., $15.00 donation -- tickets on sale now; and Christmas bus trip to the Ronald Regan Library on December 15th, $99 -- call LHS 561-1886.
  "Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go" . . . Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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