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Elaine Brack, Archivist

  The Archives has been buzzing with activity. Since the last newsletter many things have been happening. One of the most exciting is the help of Grace Parrett. She has been busy with the copying of the information within the archives for the future use and for safe keeping. She has been a great addition to our Committee. Thank you Grace soooo much.
  Recently the Lakeside Historical Society had been asked by the executor of Harriet Wade for help in finding all the information to save for the Santee Historical Society that has gone dark since 2000. Betty McMillen, Dixie Lansdowne and I went over and collected as much as possible of the Santee History, plus some gifts for our own Historical Society. This project is still going and soon new interest in the Santee Historical Society will become a reality. If you are interested in helping with the project just let me know.
  The Archival Committee would like to say "Thank you" to those who have contributed to the history of Lakeside. If you have any pictures, family histories, or just things about Lakeside please share.  If you have any questions you can certainly give me a telephone call.
  I want to recognize a great contributor to the Archives. This person just did some research and completed information for the fliers that will be distributed around our community in recognition of Barney Oldfield Centennial Celebration and Heritage Day in October. Watch for more information on this event in the coming months.

    This person is Pat Ellwood. Thank you, Pat. 

  At the monthly meeting in January the Archives received from Regis and Sheila Rosner the following copy for the Archives. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Thank you to the Rosners.

An Interview of Lenora Banegas, January 14, 1976
at her home on the Barona Indian Reservation
Myrna DeSomber

  My name is Leonra Phoenix Banegas. My husband was James Banegas. His mother was Nuevas Alto and his father Manuel Banegas. My mother was Maria Speariana La Chappa and my father Edward Phoenix, but really Fiene. He changed it way back...probably easier to pronounce. My fathers name was Edward but I thought it was Albert all the time, but on the baptism it's Edward.

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