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Presidents’ Message

Dixie Lansdowne & Janis Shackelford


   We look forward to this new year and to working together as your new co-presidents. We would like to thank Chris Herzog for her capable and outstanding leadership over these past two years.

   January will be dark with no general meeting. The Museum and store/office will still be on schedule. We are all pretty tired after working on the Auto Speedway Centennial for almost a year. It was certainly an outstanding, once in a lifetime event.

   If you did not get to be at our centennial celebration you missed probably the Society’s biggest undertaking.

February 25th we are going to have our annual Chicken Pot Pie Dinner at 6:00 p.m. with the general meeting and program to follow. The cost will be $10.00/person. Please call the Society’s office to make your reservations at 561-1886.

   See you in February at the blast off Chicken Pie Dinner!

Thank You Chris!
Nita Padilla, Recording Secretary

  I have been one of your board members the last two years and I want you to know how much I have appreciated your leadership and style. Only those close to you know how much your hard work has benefited our Historical Society.
  Many wonderful projects have been done during the past two years: new fences, driveway paving, poly-glass protection on the church windows and many unseen projects like shoring up and stabilizing the bathroom floors, new shelves in the garage, more electrical outlets in the kitchen and fellowship hall, manse floor shored up and outdoor security lighting. To help pay for all these improvements, you cheered us on with one fundraising event after another: dinners, raffles and yard sales. At each of these events, you were usually the first to arrive and the last to leave, making sure the church and hall were put back in good order.
  The recent Speedway event was your "Grand Finale."  I know you chaired months of committee meetings and took care of a million details to make it the huge success that it was.
  So, THANK YOU CHRIS for an outstanding job. I know our little organization is stronger emotionally, physically and financially because of your leadership.

Christmas Shop

  The Lakeside Historical Society gift shop is a popular place this time of the year.  It is brightly decorated with many new and used holiday items for sale. If you are thinking about discarding any of your Christmas decorations, please save them for us . . . we love your old stuff.

Historical Society Pulls It Off
The Lakeside Link, December 2007

  When the late-October wildfires demanded the services of emergency personnel required for the Speedway Centennial Celebration, the Lakeside Historical Society Huddled up and picked the only other date the could do it - November 18th. Well, Mother Goose had already reserved the same personnel needed in Lakeside for her El Cajon shindig on the same date.
  Not to worry. The steadfast ladies of the Historical Society adapted and rolled up their sleeves. The came up with a smaller, but more intimate, event at the Community Center, and instead of a parade they held a car rally. The day after the Centennial Celebration countless people were still basking in the glow of joy from the fun they had on the 18th. Many were heard saying, "We should do this every year," even though a centennial doesn't come around that often. Great spirit, great work, and what a great gift to the community. Way to go Historical Society!

Happy New Year!

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