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Richard S. White, Editor

  Did you know the Cleveland National Forest, was created in 1908 and covers over 460,000 acres in San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties?  Our next meeting on April 27th will feature a presentation by James Newland, Supervisor, Cultural Resources Program for the California Dept. of Parks and Recreation. Mr. Newland's talk is entitled "Cleveland National Forest: Over a Century of Pioneering Land Management." Mr. Newland may also have copies available of his recently published book "Cleveland National Forest" which is filled with historic photos of the forest.  The meeting will begin at 7 PM, hope to see you there.
  Last month the Congress of History awarded the Archivists of the Lakeside Historical Society with the Mary Ward Memorial Award for Historic Archives and Records Management. The award is presented to an individual or group for their outstanding effort in the preservation of historical materials. The Lakeside Historical Society's Archives Committee maintains the records of the Lakeside Historical Society and has recently undertaken the enormous task of bringing our records up to date and into the 21st century. They have been reorganizing and categorizing our records, and digitizing all documents and pictures to computer discs for back-up storage in a safe deposit box. Our archives are open to the public and archivists are present to assist individuals in researching their family history or helping businesses researching their past in the community. The digitizing of documents and photographs has the added benefit of making it possible for the public to obtain prints of archival material.  The current chair of the Archives Committee is Elaine Brack who coordinates the committee's efforts. You may stop by the LHS every Wednesday, 10-2 PM, to see them in action. Congratulations to our Archivists!!! 
  Work has begun on the restoration of the boathouse. The island will be closed off to the public during construction and the construction should last about 4 to 5 weeks. Please take a look and or take some before and after photographs. By the time you read this, the benches will be removed and a temporary crossing for equipment will be in place. Besides renovating the boathouse and returning it to its original appearance, steps will be taken to discourage the geese from occupying the structure. 
  Our Western Day's Breakfast will be served on April 25th, 7 to 11 AM. The price of the breakfast remains at $5.00 thanks to all of you who responded to the request for sponsorships. All sponsors will be acknowledged in

the next newsletter. The breakfast includes scrambled eggs, ham, hash browns, biscuits with sausage gravy, juice and coffee. Come by for breakfast and then find a good seat to watch the Lakeside Parade.  We will have a float in the parade, featuring hands-on demonstrations that our Museum organizes for Lakeside 3rd-graders. Crafters will have booths in the Courtyard and there will also be bake sale fundraiser for the Museum. 
  Author Rita Ryan Micklish has presented a copy of her latest book "Racing" to the LHS.  This historical novel is set in Lakeside in the era of the Lakeside Inn and Barney Oldfield. Rita compiled two large notebooks of data for her book relying on our Archives for much of her information. An acknowledgement in the book states, in part, "To the LHS members who have meticulously preserved precious papers and mementos of their town." Rita has published many historical novels set in various communities of San Diego County, and "Racing" will be number 19, spotlighting Lakeside. Currently all of her books are available only through the County Library system. Rita has her books printed and donates them to libraries. They are never offered for sale. "Racing" will be at the Lakeside Public Library in the near future. 

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