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The Classic Typewriter
Cathy Hansen

  Grace Parrott has donated to the Museum a wonderful old classic typewriter.  It is a Smith Premier No. 2 which was first introduced in 1896.
  The Smith Brothers are well known for their involvement in the typewriter industry. Prior to 1889 the Smith Brothers had been concerned only with the manufacture of firearms. In 1890 production of a double-keyboard standard typewriter was begun by this firm. The machine was quickly successful and was called the Smith Premier. In 1895 the Smith Premier No. 2 appeared. In 1908 Smith Premier introduced the only full-keyboard front stroke typewriter ever made, the Smith Premier No. 10.
  The Smith Premier and Smith Premier No. 2 are well-engineered, much imitated typewriters with a full keyboard (separate keys for upper and lower-case letters) and an under stroke mechanism (it types on the bottom of the platen). The Smith Premiers also feature a built-in cleaning brush for the type.
  The brothers merged their company with Underwood and became known as the L.C. Smith & Brothers Typewriters Inc.
  Sincere thanks to Grace Parrott for this wonderful old typewriter.

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