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Richard S. White, Editor

To All Western Days Breakfast Sponsors

  In the March LHS newsletter, we asked members to help support the fund raising efforts of our volunteers by sponsoring the cost of food for the Annual Western Days Breakfast.  Once again the response was beyond generous! We send our heart felt thanks to:

Sponsorship Item & Sponsor

Eggs: Hillikers Ranch Fresh Eggs
Ham: April Langill
Biscuits: Bill and Cathy Hansen
Sausage Gravy: Paul and Jean Rosenberger
Potato Patties: Two anonymous potato lovers
Orange Juice: Delores Gruner
Hot Chocolate & Milk: Rose Gilbert

Event Sponsors

Cathie Ditomasto
Thomas Prendergast
Marjorie Smith
Judith Taggart
Mark and Rhonda Turvey
Maryanne Vancio

Letters to the Editor

Lakeside Historical Society:

  Your article about the Boathouse on Lindo Lake brings fond memories to us. I met Derrelyn Norris in the 8th grade at Lakeside Jr. High School. She was from Texas and I was from San Diego. We met at a dance at the Historical Church and I brought her to the Boathouse where we had our first Kisses. Do you know how important that was to two thirteen year olds?
  Well Derrelyn and Tom went together all through the 8th grade and 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades at Grossmont High School and guess what? We married one week after graduation and have been married for fifty-three years.
  What a great Boathouse. That was Lakeside in the fifties, Great Years! We have been Lakeside residents for 58 years.

Tom & Dee Prendergast
Eucalyptus Hills

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