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Chicken Pot Pie Dinner . . . . . . . . . . . February 22, 2010 . . . . . . . . . . . . at the Olde Community Church . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10 donation

A Tribute
Anita Padilla

  HIP HIP HOORAY to Janis Shackelford and Dixie Lansdowne, our two outgoing co-presidents, for their outstanding and competent leadership during the past two years. They both worked tirelessly on every event we held, solved a multitude of problems, and took care of the unending demands that came their way. How lucky we were to have them as officers.
  Gordon Shackelford, our anchor man, is probably the most important person on the board. He too, participates in almost every event we put on, encourages fund raisers and keeps our spending under control. Great job Gordon!
  The Christmas Shoppe was an amazing transformation of the gift shop - it was so beautiful and so much fun. We made a lot of money too! Thank you all for your donations and support. Special thanks to Bobbie Pogue for all your laughs and encouragement; John Swink for installing the hardware and  extra glass shelves in the existing display cases; Donnelle Smith for taking an idea and crafting the final product. Did you see those vertical poles she made for the stuffed animals? They were perfect! Janice McMillan laundered and ironed the gift shop curtains, so we were sparkling clean for the holidays.
  9906 Maine Avenue is the most beautiful property in downtown Lakeside. Have you noticed how manicured the grounds are? Kudos to John Swink for that. Billie Silva from the Garden Club has done wonders cleaning up the flower beds. Here it is January, and we have an abundance of blubs in bloom. To our matriarchs, Edna Kouns, Marcella Williams, Eileen Carendar and Olga Puhn, we love, cherish and thank you so for helping to secure this church for the Historical Society.
  To our new co-presidents, Janice Moon and Elaine Brack, you have some big shoes to fill but it can be done because you have many board members willing to help you. Welcome 2010! We are ready and able for another fun and productive year.

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