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I Keep Finding Things
to 'Return to Lakeside"

Cathy Hansen

  Donna Claycomb Catterick is always thinking of her hometown of Lakeside. This week she found three old Lakeside maps which she immediately mailed to the Lakeside Historical Society. One map is a 1959 Lakeside - Santee - El Cajon Souvenir Map Sponsored by the El Capitan PTA. This was a welcome item as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of El Capitan High School.
  Listed as officers: Mrs. Erman Kouns - President, Mrs. Wm. Paine -1st Vice President, Mrs. Dale Campbell - Membership, Mrs. Don Jamieson - Parent Education, Mrs. Joe Sewall - Hospitality, Mrs. Ted Sherman - Ways and Means, Mrs. Don Shattuck - Recording Secretary, Mrs. Leo Ness - Treasurer, Mrs. John Barrons - Auditor, Mrs. Edgar Welty - Historian.
  Listed on the map was another El Capitan School which was located in Blossom Valley and founded in 1888. On August 12, 1889 pupils crossed the threshold into the new San Diego County school house and thereby became the first to enroll in the El Capitan School. The enrollment was 14. Attendance did not increase greatly, and in 1920 it was disbanded and joined the El Cajon School District. This school had as a teacher Julia Flinn (DeFrate), a member of the family that founded Flinn Springs.  Trustees of the school were: W. J. Kuhner, Jacob H. Kuhne, and Louis A. Silva.
  The first El Capitan drew students from the Fairview area east of Flinn Springs, and some came on horseback from homesteads in El Monte Valley.
  Thank you Donna for sharing with the Lakeside Historical Society.

Lakeside Museum
Museum Committee

  The Lakeside Museum had a good cleaning inside and out the end of November. Thanks to all who helped. A+ Window Cleaning washed the soot from the wildfires of 2003 and 2007 as well as day to day wear and tear. They also washed the windows, inside and out and Dolores Gruner paid for that cleaning. Alice Slagle and Barbara Whitlock laundered the curtains; Ray and Barbara Whitlock, with grandsons Nicholas and Jordan Stepanof moved the items between museum and garage prior to cleaning day. Cleaning the museum, putting it back together and also decorating for Christmas included Dolores Gruner, Bobbie Pogue, Janet Hillman, Chris Herzog, Ray and Barbara Whitlock. Good job!

Holiday Home Tour
Dixie Lansdowne

  A great big thanks to all those who helped make this year's home tour a big success. I'd especially like to express my gratitude to our home owner for allowing us to showcase their homes and property:

Noble & Marylu Herricks
Betty Frizzell/Mark Beeson
Susan & Steven Atlas
April Langill

  You were all so gracious and generous. A special thanks to April Langill for all her hard work and expertise. Last but not least is co-president Janis Shackelford who worked quietly and so effectively behind the scene. Thank you. Thank you.

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