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Hugo Otto Marcks




Submitted by Geraldine Showalter

Otto Marcks and Ottilie Moschcau were married September 1, 1910. They had one son, Herbert Otto Marcks. Born in Lakeside May 7, 1911. He was nicknamed ‘Kye’ because of his German ancestry during the days of the Kaiser. Otto was a very intelligent individual. Like all of his brothers he was very religious knew his bible thoroughly, but did not believe in the institution of the Church. He liked to argue and prove a point here and there. Through these early years he had many a meeting with the various ministers who came to Lakeside and no doubt could out-argue most of them as to accuracy.

Hugo Otto 'Kye' and brother Herbert Henry Marcks

Mary Elizabeth Marcks
(Mary Elizabeth Hoyer)

Otto was born in Mills County, Iowa, near Council Bluffs, October 26, 1876. He was nine years old when his family settled on a homestead at Eagle Peak. He received his education in the mountain schools. He and his brothers operated a large bee ranch there. He and his wife operated a grocery store in Lakeside for many years. Mr. Francis M. De Weese had a dry goods department at one time. generous to a fault, the needy of the community were always able to obtain groceries in his store. No one will ever know how many families he fed during the depression years, with no thought as to whether the bills would ever be paid.

He served over 25 years as a member and clerk of the Lakeside School Board. Following the death of Otto Marcks in 1938, a monument was erected in his memory at the Lakeside Grammar School (now Lakeside Middle School) on Woodside Avenue, and remains there today.

Brother William Gustov Marcks

Brother Arthur Walter Marcks

'Kye’ lived in Lakeside for many years, and as a young man he worked in his father’s store until it was sold. There are many stories, rumors, legends around my father and the gang he ran around with. “Who put the cow in the church on Halloween those many years ago?” Herbert married Lucille Kerns and they had two sons, Frank and Eldon, and myself, Geraldine. They were later divorced and Herbert left Lakeside, working in drywall construction until he retired. He and his second wife, Wilma, lived in El Cajon for many years. My father was a lifetime member of the Lakeside Historical Society. He died in 1985.

William Henry Marcks was born in Germany, February 22, 1853. He was born Gustov Wilhelm, but changed his name when he became a citizen of the United States October 24, 1989, in San Diego County. He married Mary Elizabeth Hoyer December 5, 1874, in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. Mary Elizabeth was born in Germany, February 26, 1849. They lived in Iowa for a while, then Oregon, and finally San Diego County, locating on government land at the head of Eagle Peak Grade in Julian. He engaged extensively in the beekeeping business. He farmed some and ran a bunch of cattle. For some years he was foreman of the Eagle Peak Road District. He came to the ranch in 1887 and remained there until two days before his death in 1931 at the age of 77. He was survived by his widow, Elizabeth Hoyer Marcks, and four sons, Hugo Otto, William Gustav ‘Gus,’ Arthur Walter and Herbert Henry. They all lived in the Lakeside and Julian area all of their lives, Mary Elizabeth died at Quintard Hospital in San Diego February 8, 1942.

09/2010 Historical Happenings Article

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Mary Elizabeth Hagar Marcks, Hugo 'Otto' Marcks, Herbert Otto 'Kye' Marcks and Frank Otto Marcks


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