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Salvador Meza & Margarita Smith



 ~ Submitted by Patsy Hannibal, 1985

Salvador Meza was born January l, 1882 in Comondu, B.C. He was the third child of thirteen born to Julio Meza (b. 1854) and Julia Smith (b. 1860). His grandparents were Sebastian Meza and Rita Bastida and Antonio Smith (b. 1829) and Carmen Aguilar. His great-grandparents were Luz Arce and Miguel Meza who by 1826 was mayor of Loreto and became temporary peninsula Governor. He established San Miguel section in Comodu which was named after him. Juan Ma Bastida and Josefa Murillo were maternal great-grandparents.

Salvador Meza & Margarita Smith
Salvador and Margarita

Salvador worked in some of the copper mines as well as farming before coming to live permanently in the Lakeside area. He arrived here in 1902 and worked in a variety of interesting jobs such as with the Cuyamaca Water District, checking on and repairing the flume. The owner of the Lakeside Inn, Mr. Gay, employed him to do odd handy-man work. Farmers in the area commended him on his work with the Fresno in grading, leveling and then disking their land readying it for planting or a building site. He had a keen sense and an artistic eye for contouring the land so the water would flow properly between the crops. Farming was a big part of his life in Lakeside.

Margarita Smith and Salvador Meza were married September 2, 1906 in Saint Mary's old Catholic Church in El Cajon. As a child Margarita attended the Lakeview School. Weaving beautiful gifts on her front porch for family and friends was one of her many hobbies. She was a member of the Lakeside Weavers Guild which met on Woodside [Avenue] in the old Kiwanis building. As a volunteer leader in her church and community, you could always count on 'Maggie' to help out and organize things. There was a custom in the Meza household that when you paid her a visit you had to have tea or coffee and something to eat. Needless to say, a lot of baking and cooking was done on the old wood stove by Maggie.

Besides their six children who were all born in Lakeside, Salvador and Margarita finished raising several nieces and nephews when their mother died. Their own children were:

1) Carmen, born September 17, 1907, died December, 1981, buried in Alpine. She was married to Ferde Swanson. Carmen was the first Lakeside Rodeo Queen. Children: Margie Clubine and Donna Reeves. Grandchildren: Robert and Jimmy Grisham, Kathy Clubine, Yvonne, Earl and Diane Issacs.

2) Martha, born January 6, 1910, married to Adolph Recla. She learned to swim near the old boathouse in Lindo Lake. She was employed at Edgemore Farms in Santee for 30 years. She also worked at the packing plants and at the Cactus Ranch. She was honored by the Historical Society in 1984 for being the oldest resident born in Lakeside. Children: Edward Eugene Hannibal married Patsy Fleming. Grandchildren: Cindy Michell Unden married to Joseph Unden; Kathleen Melanie and Natalie Melissa. Great-grandchild: Nicole Lynette Unden. Second child: Andrew (wife, Charlene), Wade Lyle and Lisa. Great-grandchild, Jessica.

3) Sarah, born March 18, 1912, died January 1967, buried at Holy Cross. She was married to Arthur Dorval. One child, John Edmond. Grandchild, Joshua.

4) Julia, born September 20, 1914, married Julio Nunez. Children: David Nunez, Esther Brickle; Grandchildren: Julie, Christina Nunez; Dennis and Lory Brickle

5) Lucille, born October 28, 1918, married Paul Carbone. Children: Bill, John and Pauletta Wahl. Grandchildren: Brandon, Pace, Michelle, Cheryl, Theresa, Paul and Tanya Carbone; Tannis and Tiffany Wahl.

6) John Meza, born June 24. 1922, married Margaret Woods. Children: Michael and Jemma Rasco. Grandchildren: Michael and Jonathan.

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