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The Lakeside Historical Society Store is located behind
the Olde Community Church at 9906 Maine Avenue.

Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 until 2.
Call 619.561.1886 for current hours of operation.


Legends of Lakeside

Images of America: Lakeside, CA

History of Lakeside Schools: 1979 - 2011

A dedicated committee worked  diligently collecting, researching and compiling information for the Legends of Lakeside.  But it is the individuals who have told, written, and shared their family backgrounds who have really made the greatest contribution to the book and our web site. They have lived the history of Lakeside -- and we have tried to capture it for future generations.







A newer published pictorial history unfolds in Images of America: Lakeside, California© by Richard S. White. This publication chronicles the time from Lakeside's first building in 1886 through the 1950's. The images have been painstakingly restored by the author to display a clear view of Lakeside's history.







Recently published and Copyrighted History of Lakeside Schools: 1979 - 2011© by Edna Kouns, Catherine Hansen and Allene Savage and edited by Richard S. White is now available. This gem will take you back to those "good ol' school days." The book is filled with rare and restored images showing how a small country town came to be what it is today.

Legends of Lakeside, Images of America: Lakeside, California and History of Lakeside Schools: 1879 - 2011 are available to view, and/ or purchase, at the Lakeside Historical Society store located behind our Olde Community Church.

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