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The Tramp Photographer
Charles F. Petty

". . . starts his long journey" c.1909

"Charles F. Petty, 'The Tramp Photographer,' left this morning on his walk from San Diego to New York, during which he will boast for his city especially, but also for all California.

He has a husky team of horses and a covered wagon with all the necessary paraphernalia for such a trip.  But, he had vowed not to ride a moment in the vehicle unless he absolutely had to for some unforeseen reason.  In it will travel Captain McDowell and his wife and baby.

Petty came to San Diego [in 1894] and he was then pronounced incurably with tuberculosis.  But he recovered after a life entirely out of doors in San Diego.  At the time of his departure, he was suffering from 'nervous paralysis' and it was because of this trouble that he took his walk from coast to coast.

He will take photographs on the way and will use them in his lectures.  Until June 1 he will be in this county.  Today he traveled to Tia Juana, there to get pictures on the border.

He has a good letter of recommendation from the Rev. W. E. Crabtree.  His Itinerary in ths county is as follows: Tia Juana, El Cajon, Santee, Lakeside, Bostonia, Jamacha, Campo, Ramona, Mesa Grande, Warner's, Escondido and Pala."

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Petty in gray suit (?) is photographed at a "Fly-in Promotional" in Lakeside during the summer of 1910. There is no evidence of him walking east of San Diego County the previous year.

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