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List of books available from LHS

Many interesting books have been written about Lakeside, California.

Here is a complete list of books we have for sale in our Bookstore. Just fill out the form and mail it in with your payment to have books shipped to you.

  • John H. Gay and the Lakeside Inn 
  • Short Stories of San Diego and Other Musings by Regis Rosner
  • History of Lakeside Schools 1879-2011
  • Lakeside Dairies 1886-2011
  • Legends  of Lakeside
  • Images of Lakeside by Richard S. White
  • This Was Yesterday 1870-1930 by Julia Flinn de Frate
  • San Diego Motorsports 100 Racing Years by Johnny McDonald
  • History In the Headlines 1950-2000 by Del Hood
  • East of San Diego by Gary E. Mitrovich
  • Thirst for Independence by Dan Walker
  • Warbird Watcher’s Guide to the Southern California Skies by Steve Smith
  • Fire, Chapparal, and Survival in Southern California by Richard W. Halsey
  • San Diego County Soldier-Pioneers 1846 – 1866 by Ed Scott
  • San Diego County Place Names A to Z by Leland Fetzer
  • Campo: The Forgotten Gunfight by Byron Harrington
  • Wyatt Earp in San Diego: Life After Tombstone by Garner A. Palenske
  • Tales of the El Monte Valley by Joseph Head

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