Lakeside Historical Society Books
List of books available from LHS (includes order form)

Many interesting books have been written about Lakeside, California.

Here is a complete list of books we have for sale in our store. 

  • John H. Gay and the Lakeside Inn 
  • Short Stories of San Diego and Other Musings by Regis Rosner
  • History of Lakeside Schools 1879-2011
  • Lakeside Dairies 1886-2011
  • Legends  of Lakeside
  • Images of Lakeside by Richard S. White
  • This Was Yesterday 1870-1930 by Julia Flinn de Frate
  • San Diego Motorsports 100 Racing Years by Johnny McDonald
  • History In the Headlines by Del Hood
  • East of San Diego by Gary E. Mitrovich
  • Thirst for Independence by Dan Walker
  • Warbird Watcher’s Guide to the Southern California Skies by Steve Smith
  • Fire, Chapparal, and Survival in Southern California by Richard W. Halsey

Click here to download and print the Book Order Form.

Please fill out the form, make your check payable to the Lakeside Historical Society and mail to:

Lakeside Historical Society – Attn. Store Manager
9906 Maine Avenue
Lakeside, CA 92040