Auto Transporters

These were the days, my friends!!

Some cool old photos of auto transport tractor-trailer rigs with their cargo onboard. How cool are these transporters? And the cars…..wonderful. What a photographic time warp. Looks to me these shots were from 48′ to 56′. The F-1 Ford trucks are interesting. What I’ve been told in the past, the 1/2 tons shipped with hub caps and the 3/4 ton were an option! God bless the poor drivers…those COE trucks drove & rode so hard. No power nothing—-!! They were lucky to have an AM radio, heater, & some extra running lights. And the GMC truck more than likely had a screaming 6-71 Detroit diesel to keep your foot hammered to the floor with. Some great cars on those transports…..the last photo is really nice. The whole rig “shines” STYLE!!!! I just wish some were in color! (Click the photo to view a larger image.)