5 Replies to “The Castle House”

  1. If I could afford to keep up with the upgrades.. this house would be a dream house for me! I love Castles for one..BUT I am infatuated as I got older of the History of old homes, or castles!! I have got to go out and drive by this wonderful looking home! Whom ever lives there now must be Soooo lucky!!!

  2. I live across the street from it, I love it I wish they had better owners to maintain the property cleared some tree’s so it can display its beauty and add value to the neighborhood. Hopes

  3. I grew up in this house!

    I looked into buying it! Apparently it has fallen into disrepair. Very sad.

    1. When did you and your family live there ? Friends of the family owned it from the late 70s until it was sold in 09

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