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  1. Hi, I am Karin Bech from Denmark. I have a letter Tom La Madrid wrote to my mothers sister December 1949.

    The letters is about my great uncle (my mothers uncle) Hans Borum who was a good friend of Tom La Madrid and had stayed with him. Tom writes that Hans had a stroke a week before. I know he ended his days at a care home, probably in 1958.

    I also have the handwritten memoirs of Hans Borum, who like Tom was a blacksmith. Had trained in a small town in Denmark, then vagabonded around Europe for many years, went to the US, worked in mines and later had a fishing boat in the Mexican Gulf.
    Has anyone here heard about Hans Borum before?

    Karin Bech

  2. I remember visiting my Aunt Helen and Uncle Tom when he owned the Lakeside Inn, and they lived right behind the inn. It was great to play on his stagecoaches and visit the old barn where he did his work.

  3. Tom La madrid was my uncle I came from Boston, and lived with my Uncle Tom. And Aunt Helen in 1956, I was 10, It wad like living in a cowboy movie, up at 5 to feed the horses that you could hear them comming down the hill to get fed every mornin

    . I HELPED Uncle Tom around the his blacksmith shop. He built miniture stage coaches, buckboards for the S.D. Toyland Parade, he used Shetland ponies to pull his work. A strong gruff, tough, but loving man.

  4. I so enjoy your great monthly newsletter. And the article on William Kuhner captured my attention and imagination! I loved his story, but it was Tom LaMadrid that I really wanted to know more about. I remember riding my horse up Los Coches road to the venerable old barn where he plied his trade and waiting as he worked. I loved watching him. I don’t remember talking with him a lot, but I always loved being in his presence. And I remember the old rodeo grounds and the rodeo but didn’t know his connection. All this to say; I came to your website to find more out about this man I always admired, and can’t seem to do it. Is it my technical inability or do you not have more information about his life and family?

    Keep up the good work! And thank you. Marcia Springer Beishline

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